Word Work

     For Word Work I will be using a Sourcebook Series by Rebecca Sitton.  This is not a traditional spelling program.  We will not have Friday spelling tests.  This program focuses on spelling patterns, word concepts, and spelling in writing.  We will have word banks which work on these patterns and concepts. The words in these word banks are listed in the order of their frequency of use in everyday writing.

Core Words

In the Rebecca Sitton program there are Core Words.  The Core Words are divided by grade level.
This program is developed from these Core Words. The Core Words provide a foundation for each grade level to begin spelling exploration and are a springboard for the study of hundreds of additional words.

Grade 1

words 1-30

Grade 2

words 31-130

Grade 3

words 131-265


"No Excuse" Words

"No Excuse" Words are those which students are held accountable for. The students are expected to spell them correctly in all of their everyday writing. They are taken from the list of core words. Below are the groups of words which most children will master by the end of his/her grade level. Please help your child to spell these words correctly in their everyday writing

Grade 1

words 1-21

Grade 2

words 1-36

Grade 3

words 1-60


See Rebecca Sitton's web site for more information on the Sitton Spelling program.



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