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                                       Welcome to First Grade 


You will find the classroom management, rules and expectations for your first  grade student. Please read through them with your child and ask him/her daily how they did in school.


In order to have a successful school year, each child needs to understand the behavior that is expected of them. 

                       1. Each child starts the day on green. 

                       2. If the child exhibits an innappropriate behavior, they will be asked to change their card to yellow.  This lets the child visually know that the behavior is not acceptable.  The childs name will also be written in the black discipline notebook.

                       3. If the child exibits an innappropriate behavior again, they will be asked to change thier card to red.  Again their name will be put in the black discipline notebook.

                       4.  If inappropriate behavior continues, an Action Plan will be written and sent home.  This must be signed by the parent or guardian and returned the following day.  If it is not.  A PAC (Positive Action Center), referral is written and the child will call home.

                        5.  A PAC referral is written if the child exhibits innappropriate behavior and has already had color changes and an action plan. In this case, the child will discuss the appropriate behavior and will call home to discuss the behavior with the parent/guardian.


The Rules and Expectations of First Grade consist of: 

1. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

2. Remember "I Care" language.

3. Treat others with respect.

4. Raise hand to be called upon. (No talking out).

5. Stay in your "safe space" at your desk. "Elbow to Elbow."



The first grade students will have a homework folder.  This will be sent home NIGHTLY.  The homework inside the folder should be completed and signed by the parent/guardian.  It is to be returned the following day.

The children will be able to recieve SMARTY TICKETS for turning in homework and following other expectations during the school day.  These are used in the classroom to buy items from the classroom store.

PLEASE practice sight words nightly.  Read to your child and have them read to you. 

First Grade is the building block to a strong educational foundation. Let's build on it together and everyone will be successful!! 


Here are the Level One Core Words that the first graders should know:

a    all     and    are    as    at    be    but    by    for    from   had    have    he

his    I   in    is   it   not   of   on   one   or    that    the    they   this    to

was   were   what   when   with    you  


Here are the LEVEL ONE  PRIORITY WORDS that the children should know and spell CORRECTLY EVERY time.


a   and    are   for    he    in    is   it    of   on    tha t   the   to    was   you


Make sure you are aware that your child has homework each night.  Reading is a NIGHTLY activity that is crucial.   Each evening, ask your child, 1. How was your day?  2.  What did you do today?   3.  Show me what we can do for homework?    4.   You are doing great!

Have your child be responsible for the work that he/she does.   They are the ones that have to turn in their work daily.  There are consequences for not turning in work.  

Be positive, and make sure reading and practicing words are done NIGHTLY.