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What Happened on the Day You Were Born?

What famous people do you share a birthday with? What news making events occurred on the day you were born? How much did a gallon of gas cost the year you were born? What does your name mean? You will find the answers to these and other interesting questions by completing this activity.

The Task:
You will be finding information about the day you were born. After you have found the information, you will be creating a slideshow to show case what you have learned. Be sure to document your sources for information and any pictures along the way. Your search must include the following information:

1.    How many DAYS old are you?
2.    What day of the week were you born on?
3.    Find the meaning of your first or middle name.
4.    Find at least five news events that occurred on your birthdate. Choose one event to write a 5-sentence summary.
5.    List five famous people (politicians, entertainers, sport figures, etc.) who share your birthday. Choose one of those people and list ten “noteworthy” facts about him/her.
6.    Describe a famous first that occurred on or near your birthday.
7.    Give five sports facts about the year you were born.
8.    Find the titles of five movies, television shows, and songs that were popular during the year you were born.
9.    Find at least ten other facts about the day and/or year you were born. For example: Who was the president? How much did bread cost? How much was a gallon of milk?

Internet sites worth visiting include:
•    AnyDay Today in History
•    dMarie Time Capsule
•    On this Day- New York Times
•    Time and Date

The Process:
You can use any of the suggested resources, as well as books to complete your search.

Search Sites:
Use these search tools for key word searching.


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